Why the team started the project

The team sufficiently believes in those opportunities that crypto and blockchain for online casinos and other players in the industry. Best Bitcoin Casino encourages the usage of crypto and blockchain as it is a proponent for their procurement. Their payment solutions, ease in transcation, security of DApps and provable fairness are some factors that the team find beneficial in the usage of blockchain and crypto.

Background of the team

With its 7 years of trust in the iGaming industry, Best Bitcoin , the site helps players in saving their time through guiding them through each casino evaluating all their features from bonuses, support channels, and payment methods. The team posits that betting with crypto is crucial when one knows their cryptos, they are aware of how they can store and the risks and difficulties of using crypto for online gambling. It advises players joining any poker room, casino, sportbetting or dice site to check available options to make cryptocurrency deposits in the cashier slot.

Moreover, the team adds that the new Bitcoin sports betting exchange involves pre-match liquidity and low rate of commission on popular sports. It also promotes the use of crypto and blockchain since it is live for mobile and computer gaming. Its 100% anonymity makes it the perfect option for gamblers. Bitcoin has become the world’s most influential and powerful system of data management and Bitcoin protocol is quite beneficial to iGaming.

The content of the projects

  • Blockchains and cryptocurrency
  • Provable fairness
  • Ease in auditing
  • Better payment options/solutions
  • Strong DApps security

Cryptocurrency and blockchains

The internet has made provision for hundreds of casinos to have a platform of existence .It is now easy for players to spin reels of slot games or playing ones favorite games. Most of the online casinos do support crypto and Bitcoin allowing people to make easy and quick transactions. The Bitcoin casino.com believes in crypto and blockchain opportunities for all players in the industry and online casinos. Best Bitcoin Casino gives detailed ratings and reviews on the numerous casinos existing on the market. With all the available choices, it can be quite overwhelming landing on the perfect casinos online.

Provable fairness

Blockchain technology improves the iGaming industry’s state. The team believes that provable fairness is the biggest challenge that the online gaming industry because of the trust issues as it applies to the unregulated and regulated platforms. With blockchain, there is utmost disclosure of subsequent placed bet results and gambling odds. With blockchain technology, there is a guarantee in fairness as every bet is subjected to automated digital agreements making the bet impervious to fraud from customers or staff alike. If and when the gambler bets right, the platform automatically sends their winnings to their wallet, if the gambler loses; the system automatically transfers it to the operator’s wallet.  Moreover, this system has an immutable and detailed account of staked bets and played games, plus their outcomes.  It is critical for it also keeps track of the paid and won amounts. It gives the players unrestricted access to the history of all the transactions so they can confirm, at any time, that the operator cleared all their dues. Such transparency eliminates most of the issues relates to trust synonymous with platforms for iGaming.

Ease in auditing

Regulators in blockchain easily audit their processes. The iGaming platforms can obviously be a nightmare when it comes to regulation of the gaming platforms.  A blockchain platform regulates all that without any influence. Its invention was structured to make it able to self-govern. Furthermore, it is not possible to alter data added to blockchain. Operators cannot change information so nobody can cook the information.

Better payment options/solutions

Blockchain’s better payment solutions give players the ability to gamble with crypto solves issues related to online traditional usage currencies. Unlike other traditional currencies, crypto transactions are ideally amazingly cheap and are performed enormously quickly. Blockchain and crypto currency hardly have failed transactions as opposed to other payment means. The platform is important because it cannot turn down any withdrawal or deposit if the user sticks to the rules. Players can collect their winnings direct to their wallets or transfer to extra gambling platforms which accept crypto.

Strong DApps security

The team adds that blockchain and cypto have stronger security because of DApps. The more a digital platform is complex, the bigger the opportunity for cybercriminals can get a leeway of hacking the network. Crypto-platforms are safe from these. Most operators of iGaming platforms are considering running on blockchain platforms because of the simplicity that they have in terms of their smart contracts and simple instructions the crypto and blockchain provides.

Finally, the crypto and blockchain wave is taking the gambling world by storm. The Best Bitcoin Casino team promotes the adoption of this technology for betterment of the gaming options. It is pertinent that the players choose those gaming casinos that use blockchain technology to protect their transactions and enjoy the fairness it provides.